Bigirimana dreams of becoming an international gospel singer

Gospel singer Phanuel Bigirimana. / Courtesy

FROM COMPOSING and writing songs, to singing, Phanuel Bigirimana describes his musical journey as “progressing slowly.”

Even though he began recording in 2009 when he had completed secondary school, he was singing in church before. His love for music started at a young age, often mimicking people singing on radio or television most of the time and while in primary three, he wrote his first song inspired by Biblical scriptures. That was when he was sure he was born to sing.

Today, the 35-year-old church a minister, who is devoted to singing for God as a way to serve Him and win many souls to Him. He has three audio albums to his name namely; “Kunesha Bidasubirwaho” that contains 12 songs, “Kumarwa Ishavu” that consists of 10 songs and “Amajwi Y’inyoni that has 10 songs, all accessible on his YouTube channel, Phanuel Bigirimana Official.

With challenges faced in his music, he cannot afford to shoot videos for his songs because they are very expensive. However, he is certain that this will not evade his dream of being an international gospel artiste.

The gospel minister believes that for his dream to come true he will have to record songs in both English and French as most of his released songs are in Kinyarwanda. This way, his songs will have a wider audience and bigger reach, since his fans and supporters are mostly Rwandan.

Earning from Gospel music and its challenges

Bigirimana says that gospel music is partly lagging behind because of the belief that the artistes should sing for free. He believes however that even though spreading God’s word is free, with music it is different because without money, there is no way gospel music can be produced or developed.

He also carries on that the issue of copyright isn’t respected in Rwanda as people consume and share music without permission. His wish is to see all musicians earn from their efforts and investements.


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