Vasti Jackson releases dedication song for Rwandan women

World-renowned composer, guitarist, vocalist and producer Vasti Jackson has shown special appreciation to all women across the globe, particularly Rwandan women, through his brand-new song ‘She is Woman Enough’

The Multi-Grammy nominee dropped the song today, March 8, on the occasion of the “International Women’s Day” celebrations to raise a voice and let every woman know she is appreciated, loved and celebrated on this day… and every single day.

Speaking of his brand-new release, the singer said, “There wouldn’t be a better place to tell a story of strong women, and women empowerment other than Rwanda”

“I also dedicate “She is Woman Enough” to all the wonderful and amazing women from across the globe, and let this song, whenever any man plays it, be a reminder to be thankful, protective, and supportive to our daughters, sisters, girlfriends, mothers, and wives,” he added.

The production of the song was done in collaboration with Rwandans and Americans.  

During his visit to Rwanda and other countries across Africa last year,  Vasti said he witnessed ‘miracles’ and was inspired to write, sing, and produce songs in collaboration with locals, international musicians, and singers, highlighting the beauty and culture of Africa.

“She is Woman Enough”, along with various songs in the pipeline, is a result of that collaboration and a sign of strong commitment in promoting the African music ecosystem in partnership with Rwanda’s Africa in Colors, one of the organisations that the musician worked during his Africa tour.

The singer, whose origin is in Mississipi, also dedicated the song to his mother, Josie Jackson who also features in the song.

“My mother, like many mothers across the globe, are our first source of inspiration, and extraordinary human beings, that are the true definition of “She is Women

Enough”. They instill in us confidence, and believe that we are more than enoughto achieve anything in life we sincerely pursue,” he said.

Jackson’s Vast Eye Creative, and Africa in Colors are planning tours, and entertainment activities, in order to support girls’ education, and empowerment.

The programs will be in partnership with various organizations working with, and for girls across Africa and beyond.


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